samedi, 11 octobre 2008

Les Suisses aussi sont fauchés

Basically, this is saying, "Even the Swiss are broke." It's funny because of the cute little characters that they have on this postcard, but also because it's quite untrue. I think we all know that Switzerland is not only known for great missionaries like me who served there, but also their chocolate, yogurt, mountains, and money.
Their yogurt is absolutely delicious! I don't know what they feed their cows, but I want a Swiss cow and a lifetime supply of whatever they eat over there. Anyway, I'll blog more on that later when I post the picture of a Swiss cow. The point here being that the Swiss are known for banking and the oodles of people that put their money there. Besides, would you really expect the two characters in this picture to have such smiles on their faces if they really were broke? Not really. Just a guess, but I imagine that if someone really was broke then they probably wouldn't be in Switzerland for very long because you have to pay to live there. That's a bill you really wouldn't want to leave unpaid.

N.Y. mixup: 'Barack Osama' on ballot - Barack Obama News-

I find this absolutely hilarious!  This goes right in line with a friend of mine at school who is a wounded, veteran Marine who fought in Iraq and has a shirt that says, "10 out of 10 terrorists support a democrat for president."  I told this friend of mine a few weeks ago that for a couple of years I have referred to Barack as Barack Osama and Obama bin Laden.  Now they actually go and print that on a ballot!  Typo or not, deliberate or not...I'm happy to know that at least one more person or group is thinking along the same lines as me.  Too bad the ballots were destroyed.  Oh, and republican!

N.Y. mixup: 'Barack Osama' on ballot - Barack Obama News-

samedi, 4 octobre 2008

5 new temples planned for Mormon church - Faith-

It is always great when new temples around the world are announced.  I think that it so significant that President Monson announced today the plan to put one in Rome, Italy.  Having served in Switzerland and France and knowing how much the church is growing there, it is incredible to see that the church must be growing so well in Italy that they will now have their own temple.  It would be great to have a temple in France too with how much the church is growing there too.  I heard speculative reasons when I served in France for why it is so difficult to build one there, but we all know that it is not impossible with the Lord.  I would love to be there when one is finally built and dedicated there.

5 new temples planned for Mormon church - Faith-

Katie - The Best Big Sister

Katie is such a great big sister to Aubrey. While I was making dessert (Worms in the Dirt), Aubrey was out on her ladybug pad and Katie was eating dinner. I go to check on Aubrey and...

That was so nice of Katie to see that Aubrey was tired and falling asleep and put a blanket on her. Later on we were downstairs and...

I know that the videos are a little dark, but I am so proud of Katie helping me take care of Aubrey. She is always so happy to help out with everything. Often, no matter where Aubrey is, Katie supplies her with toys to play with. Today she helped me make dessert by mixing the pudding. Yesterday she helped me take laundry out of the drier, transfer laundry from the washer to the drier, and put more laundry into the washer.