dimanche, 24 août 2008

Another Exhausting Olympics

I know that this looks like just another picture of Katie sleeping in her bed, but there is much more to it than that. You see, today is Sunday, August 24th, 2008. The Beijing Olympics are officially over. Katie has not taken many naps in the last two weeks. I personally believe that my love for the Games rubbed off onto her and she was always too excited to take a nap. Well, now that the Games are over she is able to relax and finally get a nap in. Thanks for getting into watching the Olympics with me Katie and Aubrey. We had a lot of fun while mom had to work. Hopefully I can continue to entertain you just as much as the Games did!

vendredi, 8 août 2008

Olympics - Les Jeux Olympiques

The Olympics are finally upon us. I'm not much of one for watching the Opening Ceremonies, but given the time difference (+15 hours from PDT) by the time NBC was showing it over here the Games had begun and we could jump right to them online. (CBC showed the ceremonies a little earlier and we caught a little of that, but not all that much).
This has to be the best coverage that I have ever seen. I have always enjoyed both of the Olympics and the World Cup since I can remember. With broadcast television being limited in airtime and channels, it's tough to see what you want...and definitely not when you want. Now with higher broadband speeds and such great technology (like Microsoft Silverlight) you can watch any event that you want, when you want. You can watch them live or on "rewind" to catch past events.
So, in opposition to how it used to be when you had one or maybe a few channels to choose from and only what they decided to broadcast, this is great! I can watch ANY event! I've watched handball, air rifle shooting, badminton, and others. I've never even seen any of those aired as Olympic events before on TV. Handball is pretty cool to watch. I have no idea what the rules are right now, but it's cool! Badminton, aside from being a BBQ-in-the-park-playing-with-a-$5-net type of game, is pretty intense.
Anyway, enjoy the Olympics and let me know what some of your favorite events are and if there are any that you can watch now online that you have never seen before or just weren't covered well enough before.

lundi, 4 août 2008

Talking to Jesus

Last Saturday we attended a Baptism and Katie was excited to see the picture of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist on the program. After the Baptismal Ordinance was finished and they closed and locked the doors in front of the font, Katie kept trying to open the doors saying "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ." I think she thought Shianne's dad was Jesus and was performing the baptism, as when he exited the bathroom she also started saying "Jesus Christ."

Later that day Katie got a hold of my brother Devin's cell phone. On it he has a picture he took of a chalk drawing someone drew of Christ. Katie opened the cell phone up, saw the picture and immediately said "Jesus Christ," in recognition of the drawing. Then, she took the phone, held it up to her ear, and said, "HELLO JESUS CHRIST." After laughing for awhile, we asked Katie if we could get in on the conversation as well. I mean, who would pass up the opportunity if He was actually on the phone?! It was hilarious.