vendredi, 27 juin 2008

Summer Movies

Steph and I went to see Wall-E today. Pixar, the king of animation, definitely did not fall short with their graphics, textures, effects, and opening short story, but the storyline of the movie left me a bit disappointed. There was very little dialogue throughout the whole thing. Although the robotic voices of Wall-E, Eve and the others were cute and funny themselves, I guess I was expecting more. Steph and I were wondering afterward how kids would understand the movie from their perspective. Most kids are thoroughly entertained simply by things looking cool and pay little attention to the plot or what's really going on. With that in mind, though, there were underlying statements being made in the movie that made me question if some rogue environmentalist group had actually written the story. That and other things that were hinted at are what added to my disappointment. Maybe I'm being too critical and I don't want to discuss the whole movie before any of you have seen it, but after you have then please come back and let me know what you thought.
In other news, we saw previews for The Pink Panther 2 and Madagascar 2. The first Pink Panther was absolutely hilarious, so I am excited for that to come out. The first Madagascar was okay. Being a DreamWorks movie I never expect much from their storylines, so I just take each one in stride and laugh at a few scenes or certain characters. The penguins were funny in Madagascar and I think that DreamWorks picked up on them being what people actually liked about the movie and so they seem to be more prevalent in the second one. We'll see. Fox did the same thing with Scrat, sort of, when they came out with Ice Age 2. Maybe he'll be the main character in Ice Age 3. If not then they haven't learned from experience.
All in all, I am still a huge Pixar fan. I am excited to see how Bolt turns out this fall as it is the first full 3-D movie put out by Disney. (Disney and Pixar are basically the same unless you want to talk technicalities.) Anyway, check out this article for some announcements on movies.

dimanche, 15 juin 2008

Father's Day 2008

Here are a couple of cards that I received today from my two little girls. Katie's is on the left and Aubrey's is on the right. You can tell that Katie sure does love stickers! The smiley face stickers accurately describe just how happy she is and I know that she is glad to have me as her dada. I love their little footprints and Katie's handprint. Steph told me that Katie saw her doing Aubrey's footprints and, thus, wanted her footprint on her card as well. That was so fun that she wanted her handprint on the card after that. I love you all! Father's Day was a lot of fun. Thanks!