mardi, 28 août 2007

Hanging out with Katie

Right now I am sitting here with Katie working on a lot of Adobe projects. Well, she is helping out by playing with her creative little mind and keeping herself busy while I work on the computer here. I work on all of our projects while Katie plays and when I need a break or just need to spend some time with Katie then I lay on the floor with her learning about colors, animals and their sounds, and playing instruments, like her little drum and tambourine. One of my favorite parts about playing with Katie, and most other kids at that, is acting as a Jungle-Gym where I get jumped on, climbed on, and beat with various toys and books. The other day Katie even bent over to give me a kiss which turned out to be more of a slobbery bite on the nose, but it was hilarious and cute.

vendredi, 10 août 2007

Summer Vacation

I finally have a decent 6 week break from school now. Anyone who has taken summer courses probably knows how packed it can be, especially if you go full time like I just did with 3 classes (15 credits) in 6 weeks instead of the regular 12! This fall I'll get started more towards my degree in Computer Science when I take CS 210 and learn all about C++. I'm not sure why, but I think they teach C++ at first because so many applications are based on it still. I will probably get into C# when I transfer to UW or wherever. Once I get into understanding these and other languages more, I wold love to converse with those of you who are already out in the field working. I would love to know how you use programming in your workplace and even if you do any little hobby projects.
Now it's time to catch up on projects around the house. We still have a DVD to make from our family vacation down to Lincoln City, Oregon a month ago. It's a lot of fun and a big hobby of mine working with lots of the Adobe applications. Stephanie has gotten into it too with me as we edit videos in Premiere Pro, design DVD menus in Encore and Photoshop, animate graphics and layers in After Effects, and even post the smaller videos online through GoLive.