dimanche, 21 décembre 2008

YouTube - The NEW Canon Rock -- Guitar by MattRach, 15 yr old guitarist

I found this video awhile back and held out until Christmas time here to blog about it because, traditionally, it is a bit of a Christmas song.  Canon has always been one of my favorite songs, even amongst its many renditions.  I think that this one is pretty cool and much different than the classic instrumentals.  Chance, if you happen to look at this, you should take a stab at trying to play this sometime.  That'd be cool!  I posted about this below as well so that anyone that wants to could see him guest star on a French TV show.

YouTube - MattRach invité à L'édition spéciale de Canal +

Here is another clip of MattRach's version of Canon.  He is from France and was invited to guest on a French show.  Pour les gens qui parle français et qui comprends le style des français, amusez-vous bien!