dimanche, 28 juin 2009

NESTEA : Liquid Awesomeness™

This is my kind of humor! Have fun playing the games, especially the one when you click on Green Tea. Purposely mess up so that you can catch all of his lines!  I think that they’re hilarious.  I had Stephanie play it without telling her what to do or what is was about.  I think that she got a kick out of it too. :)

NESTEA : Liquid Awesomeness™

Lacoste Red!

Flash is just cool!  There is a fun game to jam to some techno/pop type music on here.

Lacoste Red!

samedi, 6 juin 2009

Bing Maps

If you have a good internet connection, click on the link below for a map of the beaches of Normandy.  Thanks to all of the soldiers on D-Day and beyond that who secured the freedom that we, the United States, France, England, Belgium, et cetera all have now.  They even found documents later on describing how the German and Russian forces each were planning to invade Switzerland.  The nerve!

Having lived over there on my mission, I wouldn’t want to even imagine the way things would be.  Each country’s freedoms and culture make them so unique.  

Bing Maps

mercredi, 3 juin 2009

Deseret News | Former BYU professor Truman Madsen dies

I had no idea until today that he died.  Truman G. Madsen is one of the best, most knowledgeable people that I have ever known.  I was able to go listen to him and his wife speak a couple of years ago up at the Ambaum building.  If you have never listened to him, then you need to, especially his lecture series on Joseph Smith: The Prophet. 

That series, to me, at first was about the life and history of Joseph Smith.  It gave good, historical insight to what happened in his life.  Before long, though, it became more of a series of lectures on how to look at life and live it in a better way. 

One of my favorite (out of the many) quotes in that series:

“If I were in the deepest coal pit of Nova Scotia and had the Rocky Mountains piled on top of me, I would not be discouraged, and I would come out on top.”

Deseret News | Former BYU professor Truman Madsen dies

lundi, 11 mai 2009

NOVA | Cracking the Maya Code | PBS

I accidently stumbled on this show the other day and I’m so glad that I did.  Then I did a search on it and found this site on it to add even more and give it some interaction.  The ancient Mayans  were absolutely amazing.  They understood so much and I wonder just how far ahead of their time they were.  As you go through this and see some of the discoveries that have been made, you’ll be amazed too.

I think that we’ve all heard of the renowned Mayan calendar and its impeccable precision.  I find it fascinating as we learn more of just what they were tracking on their calendar and what events had importance to them. 

Anyway, check out some of the episode that I watched here online to see what all I’m talking about here.

NOVA | Cracking the Maya Code | PBS

Living Rock: Massive Monuments Sculpted In Situ

Cool!  I mean, what else can you say?  When you look at these massive achievements of art, they are absolutely amazing!  Take a look by following the link below. 

Living Rock: Massive Monuments Sculpted In Situ

vendredi, 1 mai 2009

Amazon Web Services

As a way to kind of make some money on the side, we are setting up ways for people to shop on Amazon through our blogs and family web site. Anytime someone finds an item that they would like to purchase, we receive a little commission from it. Naturally, the more the merrier. So, if you are going to shop and buy something from Amazon anyway, do so through us! :)
The widget in the right column of my blog here is set up to suggest items contextually based on my posts. On our site here, we have set up a way for people to search items or snag something from the Goldbox. We are looking through some of the other ways to provide more services as well. You'll notice them as they come about. Anyway, happy shopping!

jeudi, 30 avril 2009

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid

Flash and Silverlight are two things that are generating the wave of the future in web technologies.  This site uses Flash to show a bit about energy usage and such.  That’s good and all, but I’m more interested in the effects and how they are skillfully used to demonstrate and teach.  Reading text, no matter where, can often be a drag, but add some visualization and most of us can learn in a snap.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  GE’s site page here does a good job of helping to visualize the effects of energy conservation to give us a better idea of the impact that it has.

One day, when I’ve made some serious improvements on my design, animation, and ActionScript skills, I will make something cool like this for our own site, say, one that shows places that we have traveled to on an interactive map or something.  Until then, I’ll just admire the coolness of sites like this.

P.S. Here are some other Flash and Silverlight sites that may be of interest

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid

mercredi, 29 avril 2009

Engineering Windows 7 : Some Changes Since Beta for the RC

As much as I would love to have them post an RTM date in Windows 7, some of the updates and changes that they’ve made since the beta came out is still pretty exciting.  It’s even kind of exciting to see that some of the items listed on the page at the link below are ones, more or less, that I gave some feedback on. 

Stephanie and I have been beta testing Windows 7 since it came out in January.  It is really cool.  If you think that Vista is cool, and I hope you do because it is WAAAAAAAY better than XP, Windows 7 is really cutting edge and cool!  It’s definitely not just a much prettier version, either.  They are really focused on letting the customer take control of layout and features and have designed it to be incredibly easy to use. 

Personally, I have been digging into development, diagnostic, and other utility features the most.  Even though it requires a bit of both onboard and video RAM to process a lot of the features that it has, it handles and manages system resources beautifully.  Anyway, have a look at the blog -> here, as well as at the link below for more.

Engineering Windows 7 : Some Changes Since Beta for the RC

jeudi, 26 mars 2009

Do TV Buyers Dream of Electric Sheep? - Bits Blog -

This short video clip shows some pretty creative thinking.  Can't say that I've ever thought about herding sheep wearing LED blankets and making designs out of them, but now I know that someone else has! 

Do TV Buyers Dream of Electric Sheep? - Bits Blog -

Caltrans Eagle Cam

There isn't much to watch for a long time, I've found, but it's at least kind of interesting to take a look at this eagle's nest and see what's going on from time to time.  I think that it's a bit more interesting right now because three eaglets recently hatched.  So, you might be able to catch some fun things going on.

Caltrans Eagle Cam

dimanche, 22 février 2009

30 days of Birthday

So, I'm playing catch-up here. I'll try to get these in every day in order to keep up, but here is what has happened so far as written on the little cards that she makes for me to see each day:

Day 1:
On the first day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
An Eggs Benedict breakfast - yummy!
(Oh it was sooooo deleicious!)

Day 2:
On the second day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A massage for minutes equal to sixty
(Felt good! I needed a break from school and relax like this.)

Day 3:
On the third day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A Valentine's meal with Stephanie driving
(We went to the Ram with the kids and then walked along the water. It was really fun!)

Day 4:
On the fourth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
An updated website FINALLY!
(I do the front and backend design and Stephanie usually does the content updates. She was behind quite a bit. :) Check it out if you haven't lately

Day 5:
On the fifth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
An exciting, fun-filled FHE
(She gave a lesson to me and Katie about birthdays: Jesus Christ's, President Monson, and Daddy's. When asked who was in a picture (Pres. Monson), We said, "Katie, who is that? It's (sounding out) p...r...e...s...i...dent..." and then she said in a quiet voice, "Mama, you're supposed to say Monson." Ha ha! It was cute.)

Day 6:
On the sixth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
Night time treats while watching a movie
(We had chocolate strawberries (very yummy!), chips and dip, and wathced the Dark Knight)

Day 7:
On the seventh day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A fire to keep me warm and cozy
(I always build the fire downstairs and Stephanie did it this time for me)

Day 8:
On the eighth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A daddy song sung by Katie
(If you haven't seen this yet then you need to on my blog here or our website)

Day 9:
On the ninth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A book of my ABCs
(You'd have to see it, but it is a really cool book of pictures of me)

Day 10:
On the tenth day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
A piano and kitchen so clean and sparkly
(The piano is a cath-all for things and the kitchen gets messy, don't they all?)

Day 11:
On the eleventh day of my birthday
My true love gave to me
Some M&Ms that were crispy
(Remember crispy M&Ms? They don't sell them in the U.S. anymore, so Stephanie used her foreign powers to obtain some. Yummy!)

Oh, et j'ai la meilleure femme du monde! Elle m'aime tellement et je l'en aime aussi.

samedi, 21 février 2009

The Daddy Song

For my upcoming birthday, Stephanie has been doing the "30 days of Birthday" for me. Here is a video of Katie delivering my gift for Day 8:

You can view it here too:
Katie sings The Daddy Song on the 8th day of my 30 Days of Birthday

vendredi, 30 janvier 2009

Usability...or not really

What happens when you have something in life that isn't very usable? Generally speaking, one moves on to something more convenient. I pick on Mac users from time to time and they me, but always in passing and simply to let the PC vs. Mac battle rain down on everyone for fun. I have even said that I would probably someday have to use a Mac, but only in a work environment that demanded it.
Well, today I must say that that day came and it was adventurous. For what it's worth to say from the start, I even had a glorified least that's what they told me.
Situation one: So, I'm in TextWrangler writing some PHP code for a database read. I need to make an edit and I go to push the home key (apparently part of the aforementioned keyboard and doesn't come standard issue) to go to the beginning of the line. It doesn't work. I push the end key; no effect. So rather than one push of a key, it takes me 50 pushes of the arrow keys. Incredibly efficient! Mind you, I even asked the Mac gurus in the office to show me how to do what I'm trying to do because of my unfamiliarity with Macs and their keyboards. The response: "Yeah, that took some getting used to when I first started using a Mac. I even downloaded a third-party mapping program to generate keyboard shortcuts like that." Conclusion: Mac usability is out the window.
Situation two: The boss comes over and want me to install a new program on the Mac. This involves opening a cd drive tray. Let me put it this way, two Mac gurus standing there and neither of them were sure how to open the tray on the Mac tower. We had to Google it. Let me compare for you how to open a cd/dvd drive tray:
PC - push eject button on cd/dvd drive
Mac - If your eject button on the keyboard doesn't work, that is, if you even have one - go into the terminal window, type drutil tray open. If that doesn't work (and it didn't) type drutil tray eject. That worked.
Seriously?! It takes all that to open the drive tray? Note that it took sending the command twice to get it to eject the disc. If the OS needs to dismount the drive first and then eject then say so. Conclusion: PCs will continue to dominate in the universe.