mardi, 5 janvier 2010

$5 = A day's wages...or a fast-food chicken sandwich

January 5th, 1914 - Henry Ford introduces the $5/day minimum wage.  Ninety-six years later, it costs me at least that much, with tax, to buy a simple meal...anywhere.  A fast-food restaurant, the grocer's deli...  No matter what the time difference is, though, the value of a dollar is still important and you can't convince me to pay that much for basic food, unless I'm in a hurry, you gave me coupons, and/or you are Taco Bell.  Even though that time difference is local here to the U.S., it's not much different than many other countries that have people working for such an equivalency in wages, I.E. $5US/day. 

I'm not exactly an economist, nor do I work for the IMF, but I find it amazing how people still survive in their own local economies around the world under such conditions.  Yes, I'm even taking into consideration the Digital Divide and imported medical assistance, but still, I might go bonkers.  But then, I'm also comparing my life now with said conditions.  That would be a bit different.

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